Sunday, November 13, 2016

American Hope

Earlier this year I had occasion to visit Morgantown, West Virginia.

It’s spread across many hills and valleys.

The community is dominated by West Virginia University.  The Mountaineers.

The medical school thanks United States Senator Robert Byrd for helping make it possible.  Perhaps they could find a few bucks to make a new sign.

There are a couple statues of note in these parts.   One in front of their basketball arena honoring Jerry West (who is now doing TV commercials).

In downtown Morgantown, another statue was recently placed.  Holding on to his deputy’s hat is Don Knotts. 

You might remember him better from this picture.

This is coal country.

In one town the old red brick school house has seen better days.

Just down the road, a new one is being finished.

Across the street, a scene that could come from thousands and thousands of places in this country.

These homes are very near a “model city” that Eleanor Roosevelt championed so many years ago.  You can read more about Arthurdale here.

The folks in these parts have a way of life similar to ours.  They have homes, cars, friends and neighbors.  There are abandoned buildings in the area that were once businesses.  But they have differences, too.  Winters are colder, summers are hot & sticky. 

But, when it's all over, they want the same thing we do.

To be safe and secure.

Let us hope!  

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