Friday, July 18, 2014

Route 66 High Sights

During a recent trip along I-40, the following were up in the air

The famous Cadillac garden started by the late Amarillo eccentric Stanley Marsh 3.  From the days of a cemetery of shiny glistening Cadillacs it has grown to an area of self expression.

This could have been my car.
1960 Coupe de Ville?

Remnants from spray paint "artists".

The leaning water tower of Britten

Drillin' Drillin' Drillin'

Oklahoma City TV tower.
There are no mountains, so they've got to build'em tall.

Cell tower, so we can be connected!

Around Amarillo - hundreds of these creatures marching across the panhandle.

Help us all!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

US Seniors Open Golf Experience

Just returned from Oak Tree National in the rolling hills of Oklahoma.  That's the same place some of the world's best golfers 50 years and older competed in a USGA event.

Colin Montgomerie of Scotland won.

First of all, the golf course is fine, fine, fine.

 Second of all, there are some huge homes on the course

Third of all, golfers like Bob Tway live on this golf course

Fourth of all another picture of the golf course

Fifth of all, here I am working.

The USGA contracts with EventCorp to conduct a survey of those at the golf tournament.  This company has been doing this for years.  This year, the President of the company asked for my assistance.  Here I am, assisting.

The USGA Championship Office gets nightly reports on the findings of the day.  They have been known to make changes in traffic patterns for the public and other things that impact the viewing public as soon as they're made aware of a problem.

The report card for this tournament was terrific.  

The people of Oklahoma did OK!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kit Carson

Kit Carson

I was born and raised in Taos, New Mexico.

As kids we played at Kit Carson Park.  We went to Kit Carson house.  We drove on Kit Carson Road.  We went to Kit Carson's grave.
Hundreds of times I recall reading a station break on the radio station at which I worked…“KKIT 1340 on your dial in Taos New Mexico, the home of Kit Carson”
Now, I read the illustrious new leadership in my hometown has decided, based on their values of all things good, to rename the park.  Doing so because of all the “ill deeds” that Carson has been accused of.
It will now, according to them, become Red Willow Park.

The map makers, publishers of books, tour guides, and others must be salivating.  A chance to sell another map.

Historians are gasping.  The tourism business in Taos must be cringing – Kit Carson, good or bad, is Taos – and people come to learn about him and life in those times.

This name change is an attempt to change history by a bunch of do-gooders.
It’s still Kit Carson Park…it should be that forever.

Next they’ll want to dig up ol’ Kit and move him somewhere else.  He's probably rolled over just waiting...

I can hear the calling now, "Send him back to Kentucky!"


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer Hiatus

Ceasing publication until on or about September 1, 2014


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

US Open Report

Here are a couple of images from the US Open held at Pinehurst #2.

Your intrepid blogger and several other New Mexicans (we met 2 present and 2 former who want to come back) volunteered to help put on the tournament.  There were also pins on the volunteer map from people claiming to be from Gallup and Deming.

They couldn't have done it without us and the 6492 other volunteers who ran cash registers, bagged the merchandise and ran the clickers at the entrance booths, and even played hall monitor in the real clubhouse where the ricos and VIPs gathered.

A couple of observations:

Housing was a real problem.  We stayed 60 miles away and drove to and from each did thousands of others.  All of the hotels at the Pinehurst Resort had been taken over by USGA staff, golfers, golfers friends, golfers enemies, media, etc.  There was no room at the inn - thus the commute.

What a tremendous undertaking.  The magician who mastered the logistics deserves a medal...or a free round of golf.  Hundreds of miles of cable, bleachers, tents, parking lots, parkers - everyone playing a minor part in a major event.

It was worth it.

Here are a few images I managed to capture...

Phil Marches on

Better a Sober Designated Driver than a ...

Ed "Bagger" Mahr
(Part of the Merchandise Team)

Rodger "Checker" Beimer
(Part of the Merchandise Team)

Now, this is a club house!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Guns Chickens

 Somebody, do something about guns!

Senator Heinrich, Senator Udall, Congressman Lujan, Congressperson Grisham, Congressman Pearce

If you don't vote for some form of gun control, you're just one of these:

Friday, June 6, 2014