Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump Sweden


This is something I took off the internet that shows "Sweden".

Donald Trump has been saying something about trouble in Sweden.

About 130 years ago, my grandmother Swanson along with her parents and sisters left Sweden for the United States of America.

My grandmother then denounced the King of Sweden so she could become a citizen of the United States.

I wonder if that would happen today?

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cross Country Throwback

Once in a while the mind wanders...and I was wandering the other day - and came up with the following list - all of the 50 states - and where I visited.  At some point I might elaborate about why I was there, and when.
  • Alabama
    • Mobile and toured submarine
  • Alaska
    • Anchorage, Fairbanks, Prudhoe Bay
  • Arizona
    • Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Page, Navajo Reservation
  • Arkansas
    • Little Rock
  • California
    • LA, San Diego, Mendocino, Sacramento, San Francisco,
  • Colorado
    • Cortez, Durango, Denver, Colorado Springs, Trinidad, Walsenburg,
  • Connecticut
    • New Haven, Ridgefield
  • Delaware
    • President’s Bar in Wilmington
  • Florida
    • Marco Island – Stan’s Idle Hour Bar, et. al
  • Georgia
    • Atlanta Olympics, Macon for Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Hawaii
    • Kona, Kamuela, Hanalei, Hana, Honolulu, Lahaina, Kilahuea National Park
  • Idaho
    • Boise, Idaho Falls, West Yellowstone
  • Illinois
    • Chicago, Medinah
  • Indiana
    • Indianapolis around the Brickyard with Bobby Unser
  • Iowa
    • Des Moines, Council Bluffs
  • Kansas
    • Kansas City
  • Kentucky
    • Paducah, Lexington, Louisville,
  • Louisiana
    • New Orleans
  • Maine
    • Bath, Freeport to LL Bean
  • Maryland
    • Baltimore
  • Massachusetts
    • Boston, Bedford,
  • Michigan
    • Detroit
  • Minnesota
    • Minneapolis
  • Mississippi
    • Gulfport
  • Missouri
    • St. Louis, Joplin the night of 9/11
  • Montana
    • Billings, Gardiner
  • Nebraska
    • Omaha, Lincoln, Weeping Water
  • Nevada
    • Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe,
  • New Hampshire
    • Keene,
  • New Jersey
    • Atlantic City, Galloway
  • New Mexico
    • I’ve been everywhere
  • New York
    • New York City, Albany
  • North Carolina
    • Cashiers, Charlotte
  • North Dakota
    • Bismarck
  • Ohio
    • Columbus, Akron
  • Oklahoma
    • Oklahoma City, Tulsa,
  • Oregon
    • Portland, Tillamook, Newport, Corvallis
  • Pennsylvania
    • Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Latrobe, Lititz, Hershey
  • Rhode Island
    • Passing through on the Amtrak
  • South Carolina
    • Myrtle Beach, Columbia
  • South Dakota
    • Rapid City, Mount Rushmore
  • Tennessee
    • Nashville, Knoxville, Memphis
  • Texas
    • I’ve been everywhere, even to Post, the home of Post Toasties founder
  • Utah
    • Salt Lake City, Moab, Halls Crossing at Lake Powell
  • Vermont
    • Burlington, Brattleboro
  • Virginia
    • Richmond, Williamsburg
  • Washington
    • Seattle, Puyallup, Chambers Bay, Yakima, Spokane
  • West Virginia
    • Morgantown
  • Wisconsin
    • Milwaukee
  • Wyoming
    • Cheyenne, Jackson, Guernsey

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hi Guys - Throwback Thursday

Hi Guys,

That's the way Ted Baxter, THE ANCHORMAN, would greet the staff of the make believe TV station in Minneapolis where Mary Richards (Mary Tyler Moore) was employed.

In those days of 3 networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) and PBS, many of us in the real world of television news watched (and learned) about how to do things right (like Lou Grant said) or not so right (as Ted Baxter did).

In was during those times that I decided every TV newsroom should have an autographed picture of Ted Baxter hanging on the wall - so I wrote him a letter and asked for an autograph.

OK, don't make fun, yes it was a letter.  E-mail hadn't been invented, yet.

A few weeks later I opened a large manila envelope, and there it was - an autographed picture of Ted Baxter - ANCHORMAN.

My photo is long gone, so I looked for a similar photograph - and found one on the internets this throwback Thursday.   The photo shown below is just like the one I received.

My photo included a note that said a recent move in production studios caused the tardy reply to my request for a photo.

The autograph on my photo said, as any anchorman would hope for a competing station (ha ha) :

Hi Rodger
Keep of the fair work!
Ted Knight

Mary Tyler Moore (Mary Richards) - thanks for trying to keep Ted on the straight and narrow - and the rest of the office staff focused on the issue of the day.  Thanks for the memories.   You made it on your own!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017

Believe Me!

Brighter Days

There will be brighter days ahead - but it may take 4 years!

The sky over the Sandia Mountains this morning.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Balloon in the back yard

Here's a view out our front door in the northeast heights of Albuquerque Sunday morning.  The dog wasn't impressed!  He/they/it was settling down for a landing a couple blocks away.